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You say tradition doesn't matter, yet you're so excited about ending your 30-year losing streak in Lincoln.

You say Bo Pelini sucks, yet Gary Pinkel was 9-14 during his first two seasons at Mizzou. Many Mizzou fans wanted him fired.

Something doesn't add up.

I'm not crying in my beer over Nebraska's loss last night. I told you how the game would unfold. I don't feel your pain. You can't get it all back in two years.

Tradition is the reason you're so excited. You want what Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma have. You are getting a small taste of it. A national title and a Heisman this season would only be one step. You must sustain similar success over decades.

I think Kansas State and Colorado have more tradition than Mizzou. K-State recently won a conference title. Colorado has a national title and a Heisman.

Pelini will need several seasons to turn around the program - just like Gary Pinkel and Mark Mangino needed. Nebraska has no talent on either side of the ball. The defense isn't fast enough to blitz effectively. The offense is overrated, and the play calling sucks. I hate some of their pass plays.

It's a process. Instant gratification wasn't going to happen. You know that from your own experience.

Last year's Huskers gave up and made tons of mistakes. This year's Huskers make mistakes because they're too aggressive. I'll take the aggression.

Callahan never would've apologized to the state like Pelini did last night.

Think about the things I have mentioned here.

This would have gon a lot better for you if you'd just come in and said "congrats on a nice win. We'll see what happens in a few years." or something of the like. You don't have to tell us how good the Huskers were 20 yrs ago. We all know. Of course they were good since they recruited from the local Juvy Hall. Those dudes played mean!

The Huskers will regain respectabillity soon but for now they are a joke. Take your lumps, they are deserved. Enjoy another 70-10 ass whoopin by Texas Tech on Saturday btw.
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