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There is a lot of truth to this thread. MU fans are enjoying it while it lasts because they havent won a national championship in anything relevant for a long long long time.....if ever, I dunno, I havent been alive since 1900.

Basketball once was their respectable sport while Norm was around.....even though he didnt do anything great. He was the Marty Schottenheimer of NCAA Bball. And their football program has been terrible to average for many many years.

This year they finally have the pieces to make a run for a national title. Their offense is the best in the country (I think at least) they have 2 heisman hopefuls along with 2-3 all american players.

This is their year to do it all if theyre gonna do it because if they don't do it this season, they won't do it for a long time. They may come close, but this offense is taylor made for Chase Daniel......he knows the offense like the back of his hand.

Whats better is that MU can run the ball and they can run it well, which makes this offense nearly unstoppable.

But once Daniel, Maclin, and Coffman are gone, This offense isn't going to be anywhere close to what is was this and last season.

I made this same argument to my dad this past basketball season, I told him if KU is going to win a national title they better do it this season because they have the talent to do so and everyone would be leaving after the season regardless.

The same goes for MU fball this season.

MU gets a 5 star recruit here and there. Texas and OU are flooded with the best talent in the NCAA year after year. OU and TX are always ranked in the preseason, usually top 10.

Unfortunately I don't see MU being ranked at all next least to start out with.
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