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Originally Posted by GonzoRox88 View Post
Yep..that's the truth. I've been inconsistent at best with my driver. Sure I've hit a few straight 250 yarders, but I've also hit a ton of 175 yards slices and everything in between.

My 3 wood just worked out great for me..don't know just feels right, and as long as I can improve my iron play and maybe get the driver down sometime soon, I can actually feel relatively good about my game.

When I was younger I though golf was a game for old, boring people and there was no way in hell I'd be one of those stiffs chasing a little white ball around a boring. Now, my only regret is that I didn't start playing earlier. I'm only 21, so luckily I've got plenty of years to get into the game and get better, but I wish I would have at least took some time in middle and high school to play some golf.
It's the exact opposite with me. I started playing golf when I was about 13. By the time I was a senior I was playing some really good golf. I played in the summer about 5 times a week at least. Got down to a 2 handicap and we made state my senior year. Played at a shitty little NCAA Division II school, then transferred to a state school to party.

Now, I golf about 3 times a year since I was 20 years old. I get real happy when I shoot 80. It's just so time consuming when you have a full time job, and it's so freaking expensive. It just doesn't seem to add value to my life. Back in the day, I had a youth membership at a nice course for $150 dollars. Now if I want to get a membership at a nice course, you better be ready to drop a couple grand. If you want to play on a Sunday, better be ready to drop at least $65. On top of that they get pissy if you don't wear perfect little golf clothes. Who wants to get a farmers tan? Not me.

I have been meaning to get out to Ironhorse Golf Club though. Great course over there, and they have a twilight rate for as many holes as you can play after 4 PM for $30 bucks including a cart. I have fond memories at that course, and played in my only AJGA event there when I was 17.
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