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There's an unwritten law that states A) The boss is never wrong,,,and B)If the boss does in fact make a mistake,,,refer to law A.
Well here's one from the last company I worked for...and boy it's a doozie!!
Seems the boss commited to moving a peice of heavy equipment for a coustermer,and then discovered that dispatch didnt have any avaliable trucks to do it.He couldnt beg borrow or stael help from anyone! So he take s a city truck to go load it,and brings it back to the yard HOPING a driver would show up to take the dozer down the highway.
The boss is standing in the dispatcher's office when a fairly new looking truck with no name on the door roll's into the yard.He say's..."hire that guy.Load the D-8 onto him,,,and get his *** to Toronto PRONTO and dont be any more than a half hour doing it!
"What about test drive and back ground check's " asked the dispatcher,,,"that'll blow holes in our hiring policy"
"I dont give a rusty flying F word about that sh*t" screams the boss ..."we'll do it when he gats back!"
Well the guy gets a job,,and away he goes....and the boss is on the phone to the coustermer saying "your D-8 will be there day after tomorrow!
FOUR days later our office gets a call at 8am sharp, from the coustomer...."where's our BLANKITY BLANK MOTHERBLANKING DOZER?????"
The second call comes in at 8:01 sharp from the RCMP wondering if our outfit had seen a stolen truck,that perfectly matched our *newest owner operator"?
Do I really have to tell you that the dozer disappeared like a lead life preserbver?
Three weeks later though,the trailer was spotted and the equipment recovered...did we feel sorry for the boss?....NOT!!!!
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