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oK,,WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES.Here's a few Bigies from years gone by.

One I heard over a cup of coffee way back when went somthing like this.................
Seems A driver was given the keys to a brand new Cab Over Freightliner specially spec'd out for hauling low boy trailers.Any way,,the first night he has the truck parked at the yard just down the road from his house,locked up,but the keys in it so teh service mechanic coulod do his thing the next morning. the truck get's boosted!
By mid morning when the company calls for him to bring the truck down for servicing,,the driver relates where he left the unit,,,after the cops show up,and the insurance people get involved the case with little to go on,,,gets colder than a penguin's ***.
BUT THEN..............
A couple of months later this shady looking fella drives up to the shop in an old and abused pick up truck,and offers the head mechanic a "used" 13spd transmission for sale *cheap* then takes him out side the shop for a look see.
The first thing that catches the mechanic's eye is the fact that this "used tranny" dont have a drop of dirt/oil/or road grime on it,,,,and then he spot's the *almost ground off serial numbers*.
The shop forman comes out on the scean and hear's the offer,tells teh seller "hold tight while I calll the office to cut you a cheque"
In reality the forman called the cops,,,who actually showed up in the same hour...and the seller stayed at te party a weeeee bit too long!
To make a long story short the fella squeels like a stuck pig on the parts scam,and the trail leads back to a farmer in western Canada,who along with a few others get's busted with a barn fgull of *old parts* he's usuing to subsidizing his grain quota.
He'd steal the truck,strip the parts,then BURY the cab's and frames.
But they hadn't even had time to bury the Cab over they stole. (refer to first paragraph)
Someone was said to be over heard saying....."No wonder farmer Brown cant grow enough grain.....His bloody feild has so many cab's buried in it it's solid steel!"
Had the dude the farmer told to go sell the tranny gone to a chop shop and not a rescectibl co. the 2 just might be still in busness.
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