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The *Great* ping pong ball caper

Here's one from wayyyy back.

A lot of guy's *claim* it was them it happend to,as for me it was not nor ever will be.!

...........As the story goes...."Billy Big Rigger" is on his way to *the other country* (be it from USA to CAN or vise versa) with a load of ...You guessed it............PING PONG BALLS!
Now this isn't just *any* load,,,no sir'eeee. This is a "honest to god,I swear it was even though you may not believe it" LOOSE load of ping pong balls.
Loose?....Why yes gentil reader,,,now is about the time where he draws you close to explane how they *blew the load into the trailer through the front "fruit hatch"...(a fruit hatch is a vent door on both ends of a trailer,more noted on refirigerated ones for fresh air circulation) with a big ole hose,,,,,so they can get more into the trailer,...UH HUHHHH sure they did.
You see the packaging would take up much more space so they blow them in loose.
Now as "Billy Big Rigger" reaches the border the coustoms and immograting inspectors deside they want to look at and inspect his load.
Now ole' Billy try's in vain to explane how the load is "A gazillion" LOOSE ping pong balls,and if they open his doors they'll all fall out!!

Now I crossed the American/Canadian border more times in the run of a "normal" year...than most folks will in their entire life time,and while I dont necessiarly have a love affair with *most coustoms officers,I realise they do have a job to do.Mind you some are as dumb as a fence post (like the collage kids they use at Niagra falls in the summer).*most do a pritty fair job,and really won't hassle you UNLESS provoked...BUTTTTTTTTTT there are a few exceptions,,,(most noted at the Windsor/ Detroit border BOTH ways!!)

Well the "good ole' boycoustoms inspector"dont listen to the explination of how when Billy reaches his delivery that he'll un hook from the trailer and the plant will lift it up on a big platform and open the back doors with a hydrolic ram of some sort or another,,,and let em' roll on out!

(BTW this is exactly how wood chips are unloaded at lumber mills)

And low and behold,,,the coustoms gard opens the door and all holy heck breaks loose!,,
Ping Pong Balls start go'n every where,and Billy sits back and laughs while the coustomes guards start picking up the balls.

......Now aint that a pip?
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