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Originally Posted by Nzoner
Like I've stated before I got out of the music loop for awhile so I'm counting on threads like these to help me discover some new sounds.

That said I've recently come across the band Spock's Beard.I'm assuming others have heard of them(especially if you love progressive rock)and if you have when did you start listening to them?

Personally,I downloaded songs from each of their projects yesterday and am listening to them as I type this.I'm really loving their sound.
I've heard Spock's Beard. I used to be a regular on the Dream Theater board, and I got introduced to them there. When I first listened to their albums, I found them talented, but underwhelming. But the way the DT fanbase kept gushing about them as if they were godlike helped to nudge me from "underwhelmed" to "can't friggin' stand them!" Same goes for Pain of Salvation.
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