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Originally Posted by KevB
So I went to MicroCenter today and picked up an XBOX 360 ($100 rebate). I already have a fairly nice PC that will run all the latest games, but getting a 360 with Gears of War, COD3, and Halo3 down the road.....I couldn't resist. Now I have a bit of buyers remorse, and I'm trying to talk myself into keeping it. Heck, I have to spend another $220 just to get one game, the wireless network connection and Gold Live.

I have a 7 and 5 year old, so I'm trying to rationalize it also by saying they can use it also (just a few kid games so far). The thing that makes me think "keep it", is it's ability to serve as a media center for my plasma. I have pics and video burned on my pc, and this should allow me to view on the TV hooked up to the XBOX, correct?
yep, you can share video, pictures and music from your PC with Media Connect. The 360 has replaced my new DVD player which I bought after the 360. I didn't realize how good of a media center the 360 really was.
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