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Originally Posted by ZootedGranny
You'll become less enamored with Xbox Live the more you play with complete strangers. That's why I try to stick to my friend's list.
I believe it. Only time I played was with my old roomate. We were playing his 15yr old nephew a game of Madden, we were whopping his ass, then all of the sudden..oops game got disconnected. That little turd. We called him up and talked shit to him though, so that was nice

That is the trick I would think. To get a group of online friends to play regularly, schedule times to meet online etc. A buddy of mine at work keeps wanting me to get on the BF2 PC online with him and his buddies. He is waaay to into it for me though.

I think I will get into the online thing in not too long. I still need to tie my Home Theater and my PC together.
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