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Originally Posted by BIG_DADDY
Got to admit this game is much more fun with queer me Mark just kind of lays there.
That's actually kinda funny ... it goes right back to the Grizzly Adams reference.

2. NO GAME GAMER Ė You know this guy, he acts like he has game when he doesnít have any. Not having game is no big deal if you donít act like you have it. They continue to post stupid **** all the time. This is a tard who most likely got picked on in high school and tries to act heís all about something now. Anyone like this is going to get grief.
OH MY GOD! I don't have BIG_DADDY'S approval!

Maybe I should start being a self-righteous hypocrite who goes out of his way to prove he is a man.

Nahhh ... I don't really give a shit.

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