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Rausch 09-22-2000 05:58 AM

Hello everyone! I'm sure about %0.0 of you care, but I'm happy to the point it's unhealthy!

As few, or none, of you know, I have aspirations to be a writer. Well, as fate would have it, I NOW OFFICIALLY AM!!! That's right, I'm going to be published!

No, I'm not bringing a little chief fan into the world. I'm not a daddy, as many lucky fella's in here are. But I've given birth none the less. I've written a poem, and it's getting published! Most may not care, but my words inside of a hard bound novel are almost too much extasy for me to convey.
Fan of poetry or not, a fellow chief fan is now officially a writer, and damned it, I'm too excited to keep it in!

This brings me more joy than.....well, almost as much as would a chief super bowl. I'm just sooooo happy I'm to stupid for words. I'm telling anyone who'll listen, and damned it, you poor slobs almost feel like extended e-family.

I'd buy you all a beer if I could!!!!

Spott 09-22-2000 06:11 AM

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Brad is a Poet,
Now how 'bout that Brew!


KCTitus 09-22-2000 06:14 AM

Raising my eBeer to eToast Brad for his success!

Congrats, Brad. Im sure you'll let us know when and where we can find your book.

Rausch 09-22-2000 06:27 AM

Thanx guys! Book will be out winter of 2001 (whenever that is.) It's called "Nature's Echoes."

Cheesy, 'eh!?!

Oh well, published is still published. And I can't say I'm not happy as hell. Most in here probably don't dig both poetry and football, and I wouldn't be surprised, but it's an undescribable feeling to have your own words printed in a hard cover book fer' all ta' see.

'Can't wait to see what it feels like...

Warrior5 09-22-2000 06:32 AM

I'll read it as long as you don't claim to have invented poetry.

Rausch 09-22-2000 06:34 AM

I didn't invent it....Just tried to contribute to it!

I'm just starting to sober still can't believe it!!!

King_Chief_Fan 09-22-2000 06:42 AM

That is great Brad. Congratulations.


Would rather be golfing

DJay23 09-22-2000 06:47 AM

Congradulations Brad. Its always refreshing to see someone reach a goal through hard work and persistence. Poetry is great. For your next book you should write a compilation which conveys the frustration it is to be a Chiefs fan 'lo these years.

Hmmm, what the hell rhymes with Grbac?

[This message has been edited by DJay23 (edited 09-22-2000).]

Luzap 09-22-2000 07:02 AM

Sincere congrats Brad.

may the ink in your quill never run dry...

morphius 09-22-2000 07:09 AM

Brad - Congrat's on being published, it is good to see you reach your goals.

shakesthecat 09-22-2000 07:19 AM

You're a poet and we didn't even know it.
Good job Brad!

bishop_74 09-22-2000 07:27 AM

Wow, cool man. It's neat to see your name up in lights!!! I hope this is just the beginning of many good things for ya Brad. Good luck in your writing...<P>

Idaho Chief 09-22-2000 07:45 AM

Congrats Brad!!! I'm sure that your one heck of a great writer to get published. The publishing company must put out a lot of money for this so it is a big risk for them. For them to have chosen to publish your work is a HUGE accomplishment. Again, Congrats!!

The closest that I ever came to your accomplishment was to have one of my Writing Professors in College share one of my poems with his classes. That felt great, but I can't imagine how you feel.

If you can, maybe you could share one of your unpublished works with us?


ck_IN 09-22-2000 08:20 AM

Congrats Brad. I've been published several times in an Oracle mag so I know what you mean about the 'rush' of seeing your name in print.

Enjoy the ride and be sure to have 'em punch your ticket for the next go-around.

Phobia 09-22-2000 08:31 AM

I wonder if Poe was this excited the first time he was published?

Congrats, Brad! That's quite an accomplishment! I'm sure your family is quite proud!

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