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gblowfish 02-03-2018 10:17 PM

Pablo Picasso...
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My lovely wifey wanted to go see art stuff today, so we went to the Nelson Atkins Gallery to see the Picasso stuff. Pretty interesting, he was way out there, man....

The Girls would turn the color of an avacodo
When he drove down the street in his Eldorado
He was only five foot three
Girls could not resist his stare...

Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole!

EPodolak 02-03-2018 10:51 PM

He's a personal hero, Picasso. Once had a cat named Pablo. Nelson Atkins is a jewel of KC.

BlackOp 02-04-2018 02:36 AM

Picasso was a bad-ass....the best. His work is humbling....

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