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***SPRAYER 09-04-2009 04:33 AM

The Occidental Obama
3/9/2009: Connecting The Dots In The “Sealed Lawsut”; Obama Conspiracy To Defraud The System:

As the trail of life becomes the interstate highway of courtroom trials for our beloved leader, Barack Obama, it is perhaps time to weave the fabric of Barack’s Muslim, Kenyan, Indonesian, Hawaiian serape to explain just what he is hiding by hiring his platoon of lawyers. Lets connect the dots, so to speak from the information we already know. This might be what is behind the Berg “sealed” lawsuit.

What is taking place is indeed conspiracy as in the sense a violation of the RICO Act. This involves the state of Hawaii and Occidental College, if not Columbia of New York and Harvard.

What requires explanation in this is a generation of crime in supplanting the United States for money. It is as simple as that in local government policy being fed huge sums of money at the behest of Ford Foundation incorporating globalist policy into American culture. Barack Obama is simply the tip of this iceberg which he desperately must conceal, along with all these other benefactors or beyond embarrassment, people will go to prison.

The first task in need of explanation is why would Hawaii aid a known illegal of British birth in illegally obtaining a fake birth certificate? The answer is in 1961 the American public had not yet been herded by Teddy Kennedy and socialists into providing welfare benefits to illegals. Hawaii had a large population of illegals who were slave labor, but were a huge burden to the system in poverty and crime.

The Hawaiian answer, as it was a Democratic state and still is was to start registering all those foreign kids by the thousands. The purpose being to tap into all those federal hundreds of millions then which would profit the state. See all of those poverty programs flowed funds into the pockets of the retailers as the golden goose pipeline. If one makes citizens out of illegals, then Hawaii converts a debt into their asset in obtaining more funds and growing the socialist system which empowers Democratic liberals.

The fact is there are hundreds of thousands of Barack Obama’s registered in Hawaii. Do you think even a Republican governor sitting on this explosive mess wants any of this coming out? An entire state sold out the United States for filthy lucre, because they were importing Asian slave labor. That does not make a great headline, nor, did they probably ever expect a money train welfare illegal would somehow get hisself installed as President which would expose the entire Hawaiian fraud, and you know very well that all of those records would have to be gone through and verified so an Obama repeat would not occur, in all 50 states.

Talk about a nightmare huh? The nightmare would be the removal of Obama under Quo Warrantus which is being attempted now and 49 other states suing Hawaii for the money it would cost to check all of their records over the Hawaiian fraud.

Hawaii has always been a corrupt enclave like Rhode Island. Hawaii was the conduit in the Clinton years to get Chinese communists a stake in the United States Stock Market, to which Hawaii had the first meltdown in this scheme in costing their investors a fortune and ruining their banks.That is why Hawaii is in collusion with Barack Obama. They were involved in massive welfare fraud and do not want this coming out.


BucEyedPea 09-04-2009 05:53 AM

I think that story shows how wealthy interests ( mercantilists) allied with govt are in bed with the left. Ha! Ha! "...for the people."

ChiTown 09-04-2009 06:45 AM


This shit is just fkg stupid. The birth certificate crap needs to be dropped - like a year ago. Quite honestly, he needs to be ousted for being a socialist, and his association with left wing radicals - not for his birth certificate.

Radar Chief 09-04-2009 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by ChiTown (Post 6032694)

This shit is just fkg stupid. The birth certificate crap needs to be dropped - like a year ago. Quite honestly, he needs to be ousted for being a socialist, and his association with left wing radicals - not for his birth certificate.

Agreed, though it was entertaining to watch the Kabuki dance that ensued.

BucEyedPea 09-04-2009 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by ChiTown (Post 6032694)

This shit is just fkg stupid. The birth certificate crap needs to be dropped - like a year ago. Quite honestly, he needs to be ousted for being a socialist, and his association with left wing radicals - not for his birth certificate.

Yup! It discredits the right.

***SPRAYER 09-04-2009 07:42 AM

I think his entire life narrative that he created is science fiction--- and his original birth cirtificate will set the entire house of cards in freefall.

Amnorix 09-04-2009 08:21 AM

Wow. Just wow.


***SPRAYER 09-04-2009 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Amnorix (Post 6032888)
Wow. Just wow.


Your boy is a fraud, and he will be outted.

***SPRAYER 09-07-2009 06:40 PM

Obama the man who promised us during his campaign "transparency" has spent over 1 MILLION Dollars to hide a $12 Birth Certificate, so obviously something is wrong.

Chiefshrink 09-07-2009 06:51 PM

Sounds plausible to me.

Sprayer, I dig your t-shirt avatar. Where can I get that for real?

***SPRAYER 09-08-2009 04:43 PM

B. Hussein Obama has violated 20 U.S.C. § 3403. (Pub.L. 96-88, Title I, § 103, Oct. 17, 1979, 93 Stat. 670) United States Code Title 20. Education Chapter 48. Department of Education Subchapter I. General Provisions § 3403 by giving lesson plans and materials to schools throughout America.

Obama’s actions of taking money from the hands of GM shareholders and giving it to the UAW through the justice system in America is extortion and money laundering. Obama owes the unions after their support during the election. The firing of a CEO of a publicly held company by the president of the United States of America, combined with his funding of the unions, via the judicial system in America, is criminal.

Now, lets go down the rabbit hole and take a closer look at Barack Hussein Obama. In 1961 Hawaii had a huge influx of illegal alien Asians. They were costing the state a fortune, but the onset of public programs, such as welfare and publicly funded healthcare, turned all that around. Money from the feds took away the deficit in Hawaii and turned it into a positive. The state of Hawaii was handing out birth certificates like mad, to help cover their expenses. When this occurred, no one expected B. Hussein Obama to become president and his citizenship to become an issue.

Barry Soetero took his show on the road and went to Occidental College. Barry Soetero has spent millions of dollars avoiding the release of his financial aid application at Occidental College. Why? Because in it he declared himself to be a foreign student, eligible for foreign aid programs. He changes his name to Barack Hussein Obama, as it ‘sounds more intelligent’; is it that, or does it sound more foreign? Now, while Occidental College was helping Obama scam the feds out of financial aid money, and Occidental College was benefiting from this, no one expected Obama to become president.

Barack Hussein Obama admits to traveling to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport, at a time when Americans could not travel to Pakistan. Big deal you say? Well, actually yes. Obama is one of two things, a criminal or not American (and a criminal).

If he put down that he was a foreign student getting foreign aid at Occidental College, he is either a fraud and committed theft or he is not American.

If he put down at Columbia University that he was a foreign student and received financial aid, he is either a fraud who committed theft or he is not American.

His travel to Pakistan, on an Indonesian passport indicates he either committed fraud to travel to a nation Americans were forbidden to travel to, or he is not American.

This is a case the Justice Department must take up.

There are financial aid records, in the federal archives, showing that B. Hussein Obama went to school as a foreign student receiving financial aid.

If those records are gone, then the investigation needs to be broadened.

The GOP minority in Congress has an obligation to task a federal prosecutor with investigating this. We know that B. Hussein Obama is either a fraud and thief, or he is not an American citizen, making him a fraud and thief. These actions, are either fraud, theft and treason, or fraud, theft and treason. No wonder he has spent so much money hiding this stuff. Demand that the Department of Justice and Congress investigate this.

Bill Turner

The Mad Crapper 04-03-2010 09:00 AM

It's just not going to go away...

Comrade Crapski 03-03-2013 10:41 AM

Latest update:


Bowser 03-03-2013 02:58 PM

I find it highly ironic how you espouse your "moonbattery" line while bumping horseshit threads like this. Nobody cares about this crap.

cosmo20002 03-03-2013 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by Comrade Crapski (Post 9459881)

Being banned from starting threads really should extend to bumping threads you started 3-4 years ago.

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