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If you are a long time regular(i.e. Nzoner and Phobia), we have no problem with you posting links to your web sites, but if you come on the BB trying to sell something or trying to get more traffic on your site your post will be edited to make fun of you and your account will be suspended.

NSFW Links
If a site that you link to has images or content that are not safe for work, then it must be linked as such.

Overloading the Front Page with Threads
Posting a bunch of threads, or "bumping" a bunch of old threads in a short period of time.

Physically threatening other members, or posting private information such as home address or phone numbers.

NSFW Images
Images that include nudity or are exceptionally grotesque are considered NSFW (not safe for work) and may not be posted using the IMG tag or attached. However, such images may be linked from other web sites, provided that the link is labeled as NSFW appropriately.

Word Filter Evasion
We have built in filters for some cuss words, adding spaces, # keys, etc to get around the filter. (This rule does NOT apply to Raiderhader)

Rude Comments in Prayers/Thoughts thread
Prayers and thoughts threads are not treated as normal threads, and will be handled with kid gloves. So, if you have something rude to say, keep it to yourself.

Respect for Moderator Team
Moderators are members of the site first and leadership secondarily. Nobody expects you to kiss their ass or accept every decision as perfect and final. However, if you dispute a decision in which you were moderated, you may wish to use some tact if you expect to gain any favor. Use some common sense and you should be fine. Attack and disrespect the leadership and we offer no apologies for the duration of your vacation from this site.

False News or Thread Title
Many people come here for their Chiefs news, so we don't tolerate false news stories, even if done as a joke. Misleading thread titles can fall into this category.

Multiple Accounts
If you have multiple accounts any and all of them can be banned at any time.

You have received a permanent ban in the past
If you have received a permanent ban and you come back under another ID, you can be banned at any time for no reason. If you are banned, communication with the forum is prohibited. This means no videos, pictures, or text is to be posted on your behalf in the open forum by a proxy.

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